Snow blockage

What should we do before the snow block:

• Provide food for the family and pets for at least two weeks.
• Protect the drinking water pipeline network from freezing.
• To provide means of heating for the entire winter period.
• To constantly clean the roofs of the houses from layers of snow.
• Provide thick clothing for children and the elderly.
• Have a first aid kit for any emergency.
• Provide a mobile phone device and a battery for it.
• To have the numbers of emergency services one of the mobile phone lines.
• To provide a means of lighting with batteries, independent of the electrical network.

What should we do when blocked by snow:

• To provide constant heating of the apartment.
• Provide uninterrupted lighting in the room where we have elderly people, children or sick people.
• Establish contacts with relatives and help them in case of disaster.
• To keep the road open in the courtyards inside the house.
• Constantly check pets and provide heating for their premises.
• To be informed at all times about the situation and actions of the emergency management team in our municipality.
• Assist emergency teams when requested by their leaders and local units.

What to do after being blocked by snow:

• Clean the roofs of houses from snow.
• To protect relatives from slipping in the snow.
• To help in the opening of pedestrian and automobile roads.
• Work together with the community to assist emergency teams.
• To create conditions for housing emergency teams, when this is requested by their leaders and the local unit.
• To inform the emergency teams about the families who have problems in the territory of our neighborhood.
• To help the sick and the disabled.
• Not to hinder the actions of the emergency forces in the realization of their objectives for providing assistance to the community.