Vision of the Future

With the entry into force of the law no. 45/2019, the drafting and approval of three basic documents, such as the National Risk Assessment, the National Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy and the National Civil Emergency Plan remain one of the main priorities of the National Civil Protection Agency.

All the objectives of this law aim at the establishment and proper functioning of the Civil Defense system in Albania and consequently the realization of the priorities defined in the Sendai Framework and in various international documents, such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Paris Agreement on Change climatic etc.

The National Civil Protection Agency, with the support of various projects and donors, will intensively continue the work to strengthen human and logistical capacities, which will include the establishment and modernization of the National Operational Center for Civil Emergencies with all the necessary equipment and programs. for coordination, management and response in emergency situations, the establishment of the National Training Center, as a training structure for all disaster risk reduction actors, as well as increasing the response capability for operational structures with tools and equipment.

The establishment of the National Training Center, in addition to training for all actors of the Civil Defense system, aims to integrate disaster risk reduction into school curricula, thus implementing a new culture such as the concept of risk and civil defense in pre-university education.

The functioning of the Civil Protection mechanism is closely related to the establishment of an early warning system in Albania, which will be worked on by simultaneously strengthening the capabilities of technical agencies such as the Institute of Geoscience, Environment, Water and Energy, the Albanian Geological Service, the Management Agency of Water Resources etc., to model, forecast, assess, monitor and warn of risks and to create a database of disaster losses at all levels.

The implementation of the unified emergency number 112 will complement the early warning system and the intervention of operational structures in dealing with accidents and emergency situations. An important priority remains the construction of operational halls in prefectures and municipalities fully equipped to operate and work in cooperation with the National Operational Center in the National Civil Protection Agency.

All objectives and with short-term, medium-term and long-term priority will best meet the legal obligations and will bring about the consolidation of the Civil Defense system.

Law 45/2019 “On Civil Protection”, drawn up in accordance with the Sendai Framework for disaster risk reduction, approximates a number of directives and decisions of the European Union, with the aim of fulfilling the conditions for Albania’s membership in the European Civil Protection Mechanism, this very important objective for the coming years.