Laws and VKM that regulate and guarantee the activity of the General Directorate of Civil Emergencies

Ligj875626-Mar-01For Civil EmergenciesLaw 45/2019 “On Civil Protection”
VKM9652-Dec-15For the inter-institutional cooperation of management structures, in cases of civil emergencies and crisesVKM 923, 25.11.2020
VKM65518-Dec-02For the Establishment and Operation of the Structure of the National System of Planning and Coping with Civil EmergenciesVKM 431, 15.07.2021
VKM5321-Aug-03On the Responsibilities and Duties of the Department of Planning and Coping with Civil EmergenciesVKM Nr. 747, 20.11.2019
VKM66318-Dec-02For the Composition, Functioning and Responsibilities of the Technical Advisory Committee of Specialists for Civil EmergenciesVKM 965, 2.12.2015
VKM66418-Feb-02On the Criteria and Procedures for Proclaiming the State of Civil EmergencyVKM 158, 17.03.2021
LAW93854-May-05For forests and forest serviceLigj nr. 57/2020