PRONEWS program

“Flood Prevention/Preparedness and Disaster Management” aims to increase Albania’s flood resilience by strengthening the national early warning system and improving flood prevention in line with EU best practices. Tangible results of this project are Albania’s membership in the European Flood Awareness System/EFAS and the rehabilitation of hydro-meteorological stations.

TO BE RADY project

The objective of this project in the framework of the IPA CBC Italy-Montenegro-Albania is to improve the conditions for increasing the security of the region between Italy, Albania and Montenegro from natural disasters and various disasters by implementing cross-border initiatives to create a bridge link between participating regions in order to adopt common fire and flood intervention strategies.

Project "Improved Forest FIRE Preparedness in Greece and Albania"

In the framework of the IPA CBC Greece-Albania, with the leading partner for Albania and Greece, the Municipality of Berat aims to purchase vehicles for extinguishing fires in urban terrain and in forests (4×4) and joint training programs on the fight against forest fires.

Project "EU Support for Flood Prevention and Forest Fire Risk Management in the Western Balkans and Turkey - IPAFF"

its beneficiaries are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.

This project aims to develop Flood Risk Management Plans based on the best practices of EU Member States and in accordance with the EUFD as well as the development of procedures and agreements for the inclusion of early warnings in local / central response plans to emergencies.

The Reseal project in collaboration with UNDP aims to draft a report for the Assessment of the capacities of the Disaster Risk Management system, the Development of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Platform and support for strengthening the capacities of the National Agency.