Civil Defense aims to create the conditions for a society capable of reducing the risks of disasters, to prevent, prepare, cope with disasters and to recover, through an integrated and efficient civil defense system in the Republic of Albania.
The National Civil Defense Agency (AKMC) is a central public legal entity, subordinate to the minister responsible for civil defense and responsible for disaster risk reduction and civil defense throughout the territory of the Republic of Albania.
AKMC exercises coordinating, coordinating, management, technical, supervisory and controlling authority in the field of disaster risk reduction and civil protection.
AKMC is organized as the general directorate at the central level, while at the local level it is organized on a district basis, according to the civil defense centers in the district. Within the structure of AKMC, the Directorate of Risk and Disaster Reduction and Prevention functions, which designs programs, strategies and documents and methodologies for disaster risk reduction and civil protection at the national level; The Directorate of Emergency Response Preparedness and Coordination, which realizes the readiness and coordination of civil defense structures for the management of information on an imminent threat or identified risk and the deployment of the necessary capacities that are available, for immediate response and coping of the situation of civil emergency or humanitarian aid; The Directorate of Rehabilitation, Recovery and Compensation from Disasters, which monitors the implementation of structural measures to avoid or reduce the impact of risks, measures for the rehabilitation and recovery of the community/society affected by a disaster, as well as the creation of a national database of losses from disasters, their assessment and compensation; The Directorate of International Cooperation and Projects, which coordinates inter-institutional activity for cooperation with international organizations in the field of disaster risk reduction and projects in the field of civil protection, as well as the programming and implementation of financial support from donors and foreign or domestic organizations ; The Directorate of Education, Training and Information Technology, which designs and develops education and training programs for the community and structures of the civil defense system to increase the skills of prevention and response to civil emergency or disaster situations, as well as implementation and good administration of information technology infrastructure; The Directorate of Finance and Support Services, which ensures the good administration of financial, human resources, assets and services, as well as providing legal advice and meeting the needs for goods and services of the institution’s apparatus, Civil Defense Centers in the Districts: Shkodër, Durrës , Fier and Korçë, which are responsible for monitoring the implementation of civil protection policies by public institutions at the local/regional level, and coordinating and cooperating to reduce the risk of natural disasters and carrying out civil emergency operations.