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Functions and role of the National Civil Defense Agency

The purpose of Civil Defense is to reduce the risk from disasters and to implement civil defense to guarantee the protection of human life, living things, property, cultural heritage and the environment, through the strengthening of the Civil Defense system, by defining the responsibilities of institutions and structures of this system, international cooperation, rights and obligations of citizens and private entities, education, training and inspection.

Due to the geographical characteristics of Albania, natural disasters, especially floods, fires, earthquakes, landslides, as well as blockages due to snowfall, are common occurrences. The risk of environmental disasters is increasing, due to urbanization and industrialization, however, contemporary threats of terrorism and various epidemics are not excluded.

Duties of the National Civil Protection Agency:

a) Implements the policy of the Council of Ministers in the field of disaster risk reduction and civil protection;
b) Implements the strategic directions and objectives determined by the ministry responsible for civil protection;
c) Coordinates and co-ordinates the work for the drafting of the National Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction, the National Plan for Civil Emergencies and disaster risk assessment at the central level;
ç) Cooperates with international organizations and international homologous organizations in the framework of civil protection and disaster risk reduction;
d) Plans funds for taking preventive and rehabilitative measures against disasters, in the damaged infrastructure, as well as other activities in the field of civil defense, the criteria and procedures of which allocation are determined by Decision of the Council of Ministers;
dh) Creates and implements the methodology for drafting plans for civil emergencies;
e) Promotes forms, methodologies, rational ways for collecting, recording, processing and distributing information on disasters;
ë) Conducts trainings for state structures, private and voluntary entities through the National Training Center for Civil Protection;
f) Prepares the training program for civil defense structures at the central and local level;
g) Enter into agreements with non-profit organizations or other legal entities, inside and outside the country, regarding civil protection;
gj) Performs the inspection for the implementation of the provisions of this law on civil protection for state institutions and structures and private entities.