Call for expression of interest for participation in the procurement procedure with reference: FirePrep/NCPA/MOD/IPA CBC Greece-Albania, within the FIRE PREP project, program IPA CBC Greece-Albania.

The National Civil Protection Agency in the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Albania intends to offer a supply contract for “Purchase of a fire engine for urban terrain and forests, model 4*4, with a capacity of 5000 liters”, within the Fire Prep project, IPA CBC Greece-Albania.

All interested entities must send the required documentation by April 24th, 2023, time 10:30 hrs, by hand with an envelope, or by mail/courier to:

  • National Civil Protection Agency,
  • Street Skënderbej, near the embassies block, Tirana, Albania, building 6/1/1
  • on the subject: Expression of interest for participation in the FirePrep/NCPA/ /MOD/IPA CBC Greece-Albania tender

Delivery date will be verified by post/courier stamp/deposit order.

Any application submitted after the above deadline will be automatically rejected. Documentation cannot be submitted by e-mail.

More information about the description of the vehicle (technical specifications) and additional equipment, additional requirements and criteria, as well as a detailed description of the submission of documentation can be found below:

1. Technical specifications;

2. Other tender documentation.